İSYS Policy


This policy reflects our company's commitment to managing business continuity and providing uninterrupted service.

The continuity targets of the services specified within the scope of İSYS are determined by the Senior Management, taking into account the business needs and requirements of the institution. These goals are listed below:

  • * In case of any interruption, making the services provided work again within the defined periods,
  • * Creating and implementing backup and recovery instructions for critical services,
  • * To protect the credibility of the institution and the reliable image of the authority it represents,
  • * Ensuring compliance with the legislation, laws and regulations to which the institution is subject,
  • * Ensuring compliance in contracts made with stakeholders and third parties,
  • * To carry out the necessary corrective, preventive activities and improvement works to ensure the continuity of the İSYS,
  • * Aiming to develop emergency plans by considering emergencies such as fire and natural disasters in advance and ensuring that the staff is prepared for such situations,
  • * Informing and training all employees about business continuity plans, ensuring that personnel at all levels react correctly in times of crisis,
  • * To constantly test and update our business continuity plans, aiming to conduct regular trials and evaluations to identify weak points and make improvements.