VLE Electronic / İletişim Yazılım Achievement Stories

One of the leading companies in automotive production in Turkey; VLE Elektronik, which manufactures electronic cards in the front and...

Alka Group / İletişim Yazılım Achievement Stories

Alka Group, which has been producing Road Auto Guardrail and Manufacturing Steel since 1971, offers our CoralReef MES product, which...

Fonex Cosmetics - Video:1

Our customer "Fonex" tells us: How did you decide to work with İletişim Yazılım?

Fonex Cosmetics - Video:2

Our customer "Fonex" tells us: What is your reason for choosing İletişim Yazılım?

Fonex Cosmetics - Video:3

Our customer "Fonex" tells us: What kind of changes have happened to your company with CoralReef system?

Fonex Cosmetics - Video:4

Our customer "Fonex" tells us: Did you experience difficulty in transitioning to CoralReef system?

Fonex Cosmetics - Video:5

Our customer "Fonex" tells us: How did you get support from İletişim Yazılım?