foundation and production solutions in the textile sector
Foundation and Production Solutions In The Textile Sector
Accomplishment of The First TÜBİTAK (the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey) Project
accomplishment of the first tübi̇tak (the scientific and technological research council of turkey) project
specific solutions for the enhancement of productivity independent from the sector
Specific Solutions For The Enhancement of Productivity Independent From The Sector
Generating CoralReef Solution in MES Standards
generating coralreef solution in mes standards
rising coralreef version 1.0.01 rising apiscoven demand forecasting solution starting with the r&d activities in ulutek technopark
Rising CoralReef Version 1.0.01
Rising Apiscoven Demand Forecasting Solution
Starting with the R&D Activities in Ulutek Technopark
Acquiring The Rigth to Name of Smart Business, Smart Factory
Generating our ManageMind BPM Solution
acquiring the rigth to name of smart business, smart factory generating our managemind bpm solution
structuring the retailer organization
Structuring The Retailer Organization
Structuring the Quality Management System of İletişim Yazılım via ManageMind
structuring the quality management system of i̇letişim yazılım via managemind
first featuring of our coralreef mes solution in cgi domestic goods certification
First featuring of our CoralReef MES Solution in CGI
Domestic Goods Certification
ISO 9001:2015 & ISO 10002 Certification
iso 9001:2015 & iso 10002 certification
becoming an r&d center certified by the turkish republic ministry of science and industry
Becoming an R&D Center Certified by the Turkish Republic Ministry of Science and Industry
25th Year & Revision of Organizational Identity
25th year & revision of organizational identity
obtaining the es 301-b level certificate as a result of the evaluation under the eydep program - starting work on iso 27001 and kvkk
Obtaining the ES 301-B Level Certificate as a Result of the Evaluation Under the EYDEP Program - Starting Work on ISO 27001 and KVKK
Moving to New Office
moving to new office
obtaining iso 27001 certificates - managemind launch of corporate process compass module - managemind mobile publishing the application
Obtaining ISO 27001 Certificates - ManageMind Launch of Corporate Process Compass Module - ManageMind Mobile Publishing the Application