At İletişim Yazılım

At İletişim Yazılım, “Communication” forms the base of our customer oriented approach.
We follow the suggestions, demands, satisfaction and dissatisfaction of our customers in approach of handling easily, carefully and privacy, evaluating conform to legal conditions and customer expectations, that the required improvements and controls are done continuously to prevent recurrence, that the advises and demands of our customers are an opportunity for our organization and with the awareness that we exist for and by the agency of our customers.

Transparency is the main principle in our relations with our customers and of our policy by informing our customers as soon as possible about the results in concern of the suggestions, demands, satisfaction and dissatisfaction messages of our customers and to ensure that our employees act also and always in this awareness.

At İletişim Yazılım
Our Personnel
are aware that their being in this organization is for and in agency of the customers,
show that they care for the expectations of the customers,
strive to cognize the customers to understand their characteristics, requirements and expectations of the customers.
engage with the problems of the customers and provides support for the solution,
pay attention on giving feedback to the customers on time,
pay attention on giving clear and understandable information.
give feedback to the customer after evaluating their complaints accurately and on time,
Stipulate the customers confidently, communicates fairly and clearly,
Serves with