İletişim Yazılım's management philosophy is based on the sharing of tasks within the framework of common vision, mission and goals of all employees and giving authority / responsibility to people.

The company is managed with processes and data and the self-management of all employees is taken as a basis.

The processes are developed in such a way that employees can assume different roles. İletişim Yazılım has adopted the principle of investing in human beings.

İletişim Yazılıms’ success lies behind its qualified and educated manpower.

The company believes that quality products and services can be produced by qualified and happy employees who are assigned in the right position. It attaches importance to the development and training of its employees.

Success is assessed through production in line with company objectives. This approach enables the turnover rate to be lower than the sector average, thus increasing communication competitiveness in the long term in the software sector where the brain power is essential.

İletişim Yazılım employment and recruitment process is carried out in such a way as to find and place the most suitable candidate on the basis of corporate culture in open positions, company objectives and competencies specific to the position.

The principle of equality of opportunity is taken into consideration in the recruitment process and evaluations are made according to knowledge and experience.