ManageMind Proces CompassBPMManageMind Proces Compass

With the process hierarchy of Managemind Process Compass, make your process dynamic, determine your organization levels, draw remarkable process flow diagrams with dynamic symbols.

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          Step Management

               Set your analog, digital and transformable process steps.







Whiteboard Management

Make a note on Whiteboard your work grades about your processes.






         Organization Management

             Struct up the steps, department, team, position and people.






Risk Management

Determine your process risks and manage with risk management module.







         Digital Vehicle

              Add the digital applications you use to the processes to create your steps.






Time Management

Estimate your workload by entering the repeatable average time of your steps.



Süreç Diagramı - 1


Süreç Diagramı - 2


Diğer Raporlar Süreci Dashboard- 3


Diğer Raporlar Süreci Dashboard- 4


İş Yükü Analiz Raporu- 5