Volo Kompozit: "We are developing our Digital Transformation Journey with CoralReef."

volo kompozit:

In recent years, digital transformation has emerged as the only way for us to compete in the international market. According to research carried out in Turkey in the consciousness of businesses although the low level digital conversion work this issue is not included in the investment plan and development process in this regard.

As Volo Kompozit, we are working on defense and aerospace projects. We have decided to add our digital transformation efforts to our expertise in conducting our business. Finally, we continue our work with the MES solution, which should be present in every production company.

What is your intention to carry out MES and MRP projects?

MES (Manufacturing Execution Systems) and MRP (Material Requirement Planning) systems in general expectations; to manage the information and material flow systematically from order to shipment and to be able to track where your products are and where your orders are before they land on your production site. In addition to these, you will receive the evaluation of the issues and improving the work more accurately, with instant and real data, performance, traceability, quality management and so on..

As Volo Composite, we have been using various solutions for digital production management. There were times when we identified different points of improvement where these solutions were insufficient. This is how we searched for MES and MRP solutions.

When using software that you talk to your production site, its flexibility, support from the team producing the software, and having a professional perspective on production become critical. This is one of the issues that led us to leave our old solution and look for a more professional solution.

In line with the decisions we have taken, we have taken action to investigate such a solution and realize our project. During our research, we met with CoralReef and decided to continue our way with this solution.

What were the issues you considered in the solution you selected?

While aiming to control our entire production network with such a system, we have decided that we should continue our way with a company that is an expert in this field and proven software.

As Volo Kompozit we are doing a very special and niche business, we went to a solution that can be modeled according to the way we do business and has a staff to advise us on this issue.

In this context, when we examined CoralReef solution, we found that many of the issues that are critical to us are already in their own structure. We had the opportunity to examine in depth that it is a product that can meet our expectations in terms of planning, production management, inventory management and maintenance management without experiencing problems in our current structure.

Furthermore, we have determined that CoralReef can be modeled according to our business without requiring much development thanks to its flexible structure. This will give us speed in the process of commissioning the project and will allow us to guide the existing structure.

In addition, 25 years of experience in İletişim Yazılım  and production of CoralReef to provide solutions to a large number of enterprises has been an advantage for us. Thanks to its expert staff and project management methodology, we had the opportunity to realize the work we want by minimizing the risks involved in the project.

What do you aim to meet with CoralReef when your project is completed?

We aim to use CoralReef solution in our entire field. We will position CoralReef for instant data to be collected from all areas where ERP systems are missing and from the production site. We plan to manage the whole process from CoralReef, from the arrival of the order to the delivery of our products.

One of our main goals is to create warning points and we will have the opportunity to intervene in case of negative situations. Thanks to the infrastructure of CoralReef, we plan to receive alert e-mails and SMS for every situation we want.

In the end, we will be able to dominate our production processes even without being in our company with the reporting structure. While CoralReef guides us with the report structure it brings to us, we will be able to transfer our reports that are designed for our own business with our own knowledge into CoralReef. In this way, we will ensure that we have access to all the data affecting our production and make the right decisions at the points of improvement. As a result of this, we will have the opportunity to provide better quality service to our customers. The continuous improvement approach will continue with CoralReef as part of Volo Composite.

How will you proceed in the future?

We will continue our efforts to transfer our other processes to the digital platform with İletişim Yazılım after we have commissioned our MES solution. Since İletişim Yazılım also serves as an R & D Center, we believe that we will carry out various R & D projects that will provide added value.

Apart from this, we will have different studies. Volo Composite will continue to realize the most successful works in the sector with the most expert staff and the most accurate solutions.