Chairman of İletişim Yazılım Mr. Fatih Tuncer Hatunoğlu's article on the effect of digital transformation on exports was published Eco...

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İletişim Yazılım, which works to increase the productivity of companies, plans to open the door of export with its projects in the field...

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We are at the "Technology Platform of the Transforming World" event at Sheraton Bursa Hotel.

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IRC chose CoralReef MES solution for Automotive Digital Transformation.

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Pride of Bursa in the Top 500: İletişim Yazılım

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Production Vision Of The Future: "Smart Factory Solutions"

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On November 3, we are in the “Emerging Technology Youth Entrepreneurship Panel”.

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Thank you for your interest in the Industry 4.0 Applications Summit.

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Trainings at İletişim Yazılım are going on.

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İletişim Yazılım hired the Artificial Mind!

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He told the BUSİAD engineer candidates the Industry 4.0

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İletişim Yazılım, holds the Domestic Goods Certificate

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“Smart Factory Solutions and MES for Successful ERP Applications”

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Sinerji 2018

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“New Industrial Revolution Smart Production Systems Technology Roadmap prepared by TÜBİTAK ”was published.

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“The production vision of the future: “Smart Factory Solutions”

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Profession of the future: "Software Engineering"

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