İletişim Yazılım is 30 Years Old!

İletişim Yazılım Celebrated its 30th Anniversary with its Team in Eskişehir!

18 November 2023

İletişim Yazılım is 30 Years Old!

As İletişim Yazılım, we organized a two-day event in Eskişehir with our valuable teammates to celebrate our 30th anniversary. On the first day, we came together as a team at Ramada Plaza to talk about the meaning and importance of our 30th anniversary. We started with the opening speech of our Chairman of the Board of Directors, Tuncer Hatunoğlu, and continued with the speech of our General Manager, Selçuk Şen, about the 30th Anniversary of İletişim Yazılım. Afterwards, we left the floor to İlker Bayramoğlu, one of our Project Managers, to announce the Communication Academy activities, which will be one of the developments of 2024.

Thus, after completing the speech sections, we moved on to the "Communication Software Bests" section, the results of which we determined through a survey as a team before the event. In this section, "Best Leader, Best Mentor, Most Innovative Project, Best Team Player, Most Efficient Department, Most Punctual Employee, Best Office Therapist, Best New Product/Development, Best Suggestion, Best Innovator and Best" in our team. We presented awards such as "Humorist Employee" to their owners. Afterwards, we completed our meeting by cutting our 30th anniversary cake and taking our family photo.

We continued our event with dinner and had a pleasant evening full of fun. The next day, we took a short sightseeing tour by visiting the Revolutionary Cars Museum and the Wax Museum, two of Eskişehir's famous museums. Afterwards, we set out for Bursa.

We would like to thank all our team and stakeholders who participated in our event and helped us get to this day, for their efforts and contributions.

We continue to write success stories with all our stakeholders for 30 years!