As İletişim Yazılım and Sistem Global, we Launched ManageMind Process Compass.

We Launched ManageMind Process Compass.

04 October 2023

As İletişim Yazılım, we held our event titled "ManageMind Process Compass for Corporate Excellence in Digital Transformation Applications and Processes"! We would like to thank each and every participant of our event, especially our speakers.

At the launch of our ManageMind Process Compass product, which we carried out in cooperation with System Global, we started with the presentation of our Chairman Tuncer Hatunoğlu on "Data Analytics in Businesses" and continued with the presentation of our Sales and Marketing Director Çağla Karayel on "ManageMind for Digital Process Management and Digital Transformation Applications in Factories". we did.

Then, we left the floor to System Global, where their Senior Consultant Tuğçe Baları first introduced System Global, then listened to the details of our product from them with the presentation of "ManageMind Process Compass for Corporate Excellence in Processes", and then we completed our program by informing our participants with our question and answer section.

We thank everyone for their participation and valuable contributions. Hope to see you at our other events.